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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to Honolulu Palms. We're an online art gallery focused on palm tree watercolor art from Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks for taking the time to view our collection of local, modern artwork. Paul Sheetz is the artist who creates the vibrant, colorful palm tree watercolor paintings. Our mission is simple, to capture the beauty of the towering palm trees of Honolulu with their varied colors and scenary in order to share with the world. Please browse the artwork on the website to see if any modern hawaiian watercolor art piques your interest.

Browse the selection below to buy Hawaiian watercolor art online today! We look forward to hearing from you. 😊 Below you will find available artwork in various mediums. We sell original watercolor art, NFT (digital art - non-fungible tokens), metal and canvas prints of our originals. If you're looking for something that you can't find it for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact Honolulu Palms in order to start a discussion. We're very happy to discuss custom artwork or new variations with our customers.

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Learn about the artist behind Honolulu Palms

Paul Sheetz the owner of Honolulu Palms. He's a Honolulu-based artist who appreciates the high definition colors and scenes of Oahu. Palm trees in particular capture Paul’s attention. Against the backdrop of brilliant skies, Honolulu palms sway with spectacular contrast worth enjoying by all. Colorful skies and brightly lit, tall palm trees make him smile. And we hope they do for you too. πŸ˜„

β€œHonolulu skies are amazingly clear and vibrant. I hope many can bring these one-of-a-kind watercolor snapshots into their homes to brighten every day.”

Look for Paul exploring Honolulu for new sights and experiences with his young daughter and beautiful wife. Always on the look out for a nice series of historic palm trees, Paul can be found at various beaches, parks and museums of Honolulu, Hawaii. What a great city with beautifully tall trees. The taller the better for inspiration and respect for the past.

Paul's love of palm trees began with a general interest in trees of many kinds. Whether it's palm trees on beaches of Florida and Hawaii, coastal redwoods along the northern California coastline, magnificent oaks of the midwest United States, and more, he's always on the look out for a good tree tour. Honolulu offers incredible trees in the form of banyons, monkey pods, and palms of a variety of types. We love what they do for the city air in terms of cooling, cleaning, and style. 🌴

Check out additional daily art Paul posts on Honolulu Palms on Instagram. There, you will see process shots and videos, art pieces that didn't make the final cut for this site, and more behind-the-scenes action. Have an idea for an art piece of your own? Connect with Paul online by starting a message discussion. We're happy to work with you for an idea big or small. Lastly, you can also visit our graphic and web design services site, if your interested in photography, graphic design, video, logo creation, website design, and more.

Continue reading below to find out why Honolulu ☝️ is the #1 city in the world.

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The city and county of Honolulu - #1 in the world

The county of Honolulu spans across the entire island of O'ahu. One might wonder why the island of O'ahu is not actually named Honolulu, but so it is. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, and has been for over 100 years. The south shore of Honolulu has incredible waves in the summer, and decent conditions year-round. Many think of the north shore of O'ahu as the professional surfing capital of the world. That might be so, but the south shore of O'ahu is the beginner - intermediate surfing capital of the world. Crystal clear waves, 🌊 anywhere from 2 - 6 feet, with 18 - 20 second periods are present all the time. Sea turtles in the line up. A thousand different breaks from which to choose. The board size and style is your choice when there's limitless options day and night. Additionally, the beautiful blue surrounding waters are teeming with fish and coral reefs, which make for additional activities.

City and county of Honolulul from the waterline

The city of Honolulu offers numerous watersports for skilled locals and tourists alike. Scuba diving, parasailing, fishing, spearfishing, surfing, bodyboarding, foil boarding, kiteboarding, sailing, and more πŸ„β€β™€οΈ sports are easily accessible. Additionally, great eating spots abound for fresh fish, pork, chicken, Korean, Japanese, Hawaiian and other international eating options. There's just over 1 million people in the city. This size makes it big enough to feel like there's a lot going on, without being overbearing like other major metropolis cities such as LA, SF, NY, etc. Plus, everything is built tall, so it's concentrated and not a sprawl. The city views are epic against the Hawaiian ocean backdrop and tall green mountains everywhere you look.

This is the ☝️ #1 city in the United States on many levels. Weather, outdoor activities, ocean access, multi-cultural asian influence and more make this the best city to live in our opinion. And we've tried living in many cities across the mainland and coastal regions. The people are laid back and friendly. The sun is always shining. And there's no winter of which to speak. Come see for yourself why this city is the best in the US and the world. We expect it to get even better and better as more multi-cultural people make it their home. There's no discrimination because of the melting pot offered. All kinds of people are welcome to be chill and spread Aloha in Honolulu. Respect nature, local history, and each other as humans, and good things will happen.

Watercolor art as a medium

Watercolor painting is an incredibly versatile medium. Artists can produce a wide variety of styles and looks from the simple process. We enjoy and appreciate watercolor because of several things: water color painting doesn't require ample space, the tools are simple, and it doesn't make for a difficult cleanup. On top of being portable, 🎨 watercolor creates very beautiful and unique outcomes. Check out our watercolor art gallery for inspiration and ideas for your next Hawaii watercolor project.

When painting with water color, you may think it's going to end one way, and then the medium throws a curveball and comes out a completely, or just slightly different. Watercolor painting is a metaphor for life... a balance where you're free within loose guardrails, having fun, and moving with your heart leaves the best impression. This makes watercolor demanding and the process difficult to master over the long run. When you see a great watercolor art piece, one must respect the patience, creativity, and dedication of the artist.

"Watercolor painting is a metaphor for life... a balance where you're free within loose guardrails, having fun, and moving with your heart leaves the best impression."

Water color painting makes us very happy. We enjoy painting sunsets and sunrises along with palm trees in Honolulu. It allows for an array of art pieces without searching hard for content. Every night and morning offer a slightly new and varied view on the beautiful backdrops here on Oahu. Seek out new colors, new compositions, new cloud configurations while looking up and out into the horizon. If you're interested, you can get in contact with Honolulu Palms to collaborate in some way. We're always open to learning from others, and vice versa. If you enjoy watercolor in 🌈 Hawaii and Honolulu, then we're your partner.

Palms trees in and around Honolulu

One of the many magical aspects of Honolulu - and Hawaii in general - is the green foiliage. Hawaii has numerous different micro-climates due to the geological conditions. Among the many lush trees and bushes such as the monkeypod, banyon, hibiscus, and plumeria, stands the mighty Honolulu palm trees. When in Honolulu you'll notice the height and ubiquitous nature of the 🌴 coconut palm. Taller than many other places, these old palms have so much history, style, and grace.

watercolor as a medium - palm trees

Coconut palm trees in Honolulu date back generations. You can tell their age by their substantive height all around. Built for the tropical climate, coconut palms embellish a beauty that already exists on the island. Narrow trunks with years of hard growth visible, with green topped palm fronds. These fronds continue to grow up and out, and fall to the wayside as the tree pushes out more. A constant fountain of palm fronds spew out the top of the trees as they edge higher into the sky. Makes you think how beautiful and fascinating it might be to watch their growth in sped up motion. Like watching a hand-held sparkler firecracker in reverse.

"A constant fountain of palm fronds spew out the top of these trees as they edge higher into the sky."

It's these palms we choose to paint due to their natural beauty. Thank you for taking a look at our art gallery, and we hope you enjoy our Honolulu palms focus in abstract and impressionism. πŸ™